BECAUSE YOU CARE. The COVID-19 is a reality. In times where a pandemic like Coronavirus is going through the wolrd, having a Food Plan in place in one of the best ways to care for yourself and your loved ones, and prepare for an uncertain future.


This Food Plan will last you for ever and can be used to help you be prepared in advance. Dont wait for things to get tight. Be wise and act now! 


The Food Plan is now used by thousands people all around the world. Get your own Plan now and Stay-Healthy-Stay-Safe.


USD / CHF (Swiss Franc) = 1

COVID-19 Food Plan - Because You Care.

    • Convenience - weekly / monthly planning to suit your lifestyle
    • Freedom - choose from breakfast / lunch / dinner
    • Flexibility - choose the duration, family size, and number of meals per day / week / month 
    • Knowledge - recommended and adjustable amount of food in grams to suit your diet
    • Budgeting - total number of meals (also in Kgs) per food item or liquid (bottles / cans) for the selected duration for ease of shopping 
    • Value for money - running out of food in case of distress has no price tag
    • and Peace of Mind - better be prepared in advance rather that dealing with the unknown.